"Dr. Champagne, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am... and to say thank you for doing a perfect surgery.  The results are beyond my expectations!"

- D.S.

"Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions. I was very nervous before my surgery, but your bedside manner and willingness to listen to my concerns put my mind at ease. Now that I have had the procedure and see the results, I couldn’t be happier. I look and feel amazing."

- R.G.

"Both before and after my procedure, I knew exactly what to expect, and it made the entire process better than I had ever anticipated. 

I definitely chose the right surgeon, and I’ve already recommended you to all of my closest friends."

- M.T.

"I am almost two weeks post-op after having a neck lift, mini-face lift and fat grafting from Dr. Champagne. I am so utterly happy that I went to the best of the best because my results are amazing. I could honestly not be happier!...

...Upon meeting [Dr. Champagne], I cannot even begin to tell you what an awesome guy he is. Though he is a prestigious Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, you will not find the pretension or snootiness that can often exist in that environment. Dr. Champagne is honestly so genuine and sweet, taking the time to really listen to what you want and then gives a full explanation of what he can do for you, making sure to answer all your questions. I left that day with no doubt that I wanted him to do my surgery... 

...The day of my surgery, I was full of anxiety. Dr. Champagne came to check on me and go over everything before they took me into the OR. His caring and genuine nature immediately made me feel better and go into the procedure with confidence. I’m two weeks out now and doing so well. Not only feeling great but in love with my results, which are not even complete yet. My scarring is BARELY visible thanks to his awesome technique. 

Additionally, the entire staff is so accommodating. Tammy, the coordinator made the process so easy and the girls at the front were always helpful and friendly. My nurse Catherine from the surgery center was stellar. Professional and caring. And Dr. Bam, the anesthesiologist is the coolest:) 

A++++++ Thanks for such a great experience!!!"

- T.B. (Yelp - 9/2/16)

"I am NOT the kind of person who is comfortable with any sort of operation, and I even get scared going to the dentist for a routine cleaning...But with that said, I can’t tell you how easy and pleasant my interaction was with Dr. Champagne and his staff.

My high hairline made me very self-conscious, and every year it seemed to get worse. I finally began researching available procedures and options to fix the problem. It took a lot for me to reach out but I’m SO HAPPY I did!!

After meeting with Dr. Champagne, and even from speaking with his office staff, I have nothing but wonderful things to say! They made my experience so easy and were able to get rid of my stress and worries about having a procedure completely. For years I was embarrassed and uncomfortable with how my hair looked, but all those feelings are gone!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Champagne! He is THE BEST at what he does, and not only is he wonderful at his job, he was able to make me calm and overcome my fear of ‘going under the knife’. 

Thank you so much Dr. Champagne! I will forever be thankful for you and your staff!"

- L.T.

"Dr. Champagne is so amazing! I couldn't be happier with the results of my custom chin and jaw implant. He went through everything step by step and covered every little detail of the procedure, what he would do and why he would do it. I could tell he didn't just see me as a patient or a client but he truly cared about what I wanted to get done.

I have complete trust in him and recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Dr. Champagne! You're the best!"

- E.M.

"For years I had always been self-conscious about the way my nose looked. I had gone in to another surgeon and gotten a rhinoplasty procedure done, and unfortunately, it left me even more embarrassed.

I was really scared about going back to yet another surgeon to try to get it fixed, but I had heard nothing but great things about Dr. Champagne and his ability to do revision procedures. So, I took a chance and scheduled a consultation to see what he could do for me. 

What can I say...he COMPLETELY changed my opinion on the plastic surgery industry. He is absolutely the best! Not only was he professional and sympathetic to my concerns, but he was able to totally fix my first procedure!

Be careful who you trust with your face!! Not all surgeons are qualified and able to give you what you want. Dr. Champagne is not that surgeon. I highly recommend him if you ever need to get a revision surgery. Thank you so much, Dr. Champagne!"

- J.L.

"It has been a few months since I had a facelift and skin tightening procedure with Dr. Champagne, and I still can’t get over how great I look. The number of years it took off my face is unbelievable, and it looks completely natural. This is how plastic surgery should be done. 

Dr. Champagne, you and your staff are the best! Thank you so much for what you’ve done for my confidence!"

- R.B.