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What is a Midface Lift?

The mound of tissue that elevates just below our eyes when we smile naturally flattens and loses its tautness as we age. This can lead to deflated-looking, sagging skin which makes us look tired and older. With the midface lift procedure, double board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Champagne utilizes a technique…

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How To Look Younger: Techniques That Truly Work

There are countless ointments, oils, and lotions that promise to give you a newly found ageless skin tone and retinol boost to help you appear younger. But after months of usage and the feeling like you're throwing money down the drain, most of these over the counter products fail to give you the results you want and leave you staring at an unchanged face in the mirror…

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Are you in your 40's and considering cosmetic procedures? The following procedures just might be your answer:

If you've ever wondered which cosmetic surgery procedures would be best suited for your age, you're not alone. Not all procedures are most beneficial during each age range, and some procedures give you the best results during different decades in your life…

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