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Champagne Combos - Which Procedures Work Best With One Another: For The Mid-face

Once again, one single procedure may not give you the exact results and look you may be going for when considering facial plastic surgery. In order to best suit your objectives while creating a more realistic goal, it is best to think about looking into getting multiple procedures performed at one time.

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Fat Transfer - An Alternative to Dr. Champagne's In-Office Customized Facial Contouring Procedure

Expert, double-board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Champagne performs his Custom Facial Contouring Filler injections quite frequently in his Beverly Hills office.  Although the FDA approved fillers that he uses have a remarkably safe history, some individuals like to explore other…

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When is the right time to get plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery has gone hand in hand with middle to late aged individuals, most often seen in women well into their fifties, sixties and even beyond. The idea that plastic surgery must come when you reach a certain age is a common misconception and is likely well beyond the time that it is the most beneficial to be performed.

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