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Have Complete Trust In Your Surgeon

No matter what procedure you may be looking for, whether it is an in-office non-invasive laser skin resurfacing treatment, customized facial contouring or a surgical facelift or custom chin and jaw implantation, take comfort knowing that you are in great hands with Dr. Jason Champagne.

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Customize Your Look This Year

Everyone's facial structure is different and unique so it wouldn't make sense that a few different sizes of implants would work for most people. Structurally, a well-defined jawline can do wonders for the overall aesthetic of your appearance and help balance out the shape of your face and other facial features.

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When is the right time to get plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery has gone hand in hand with middle to late aged individuals, most often seen in women well into their fifties, sixties and even beyond. The idea that plastic surgery must come when you reach a certain age is a common misconception and is likely well beyond the time that it is the most beneficial to be performed.

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